Cookie Box


A box of 9 cookies. COOKIES!

3 Basic Bitch Chocolate Chip

3 Spiced Molasses

3 Fudge Brownies

Gelatin-Free/Vegetarian. And—Delicious.

Pre-order and Pickup
➔ Saturday, Noon to 4pm
➔ At 45th Parallel Wines (8527 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203), in downtown St. Johns.

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Spiced Molasses Cookies

Chewy molasses cookies. Spiced with cinnamon and clove, a glug of rum and zest of citrus. Like your favorite tropical drink, in cookie form.

Basic Bitch Browned Butter Chocolate Chip

A customer once said, “call me a basic bitch, ’cause all I want is a choco-chip cookie” and we obliged. We make ours with beurre noisette (browned butter), high-quality chocolate, and flaky sea salt.

Chewy Fudge Brownies

Take a good brownie, add a bit of buckwheat for depth, and spike it with espresso. That’s what we go here, dear.