Horchata Cream Puff


Gelatin-Free/Vegetarian. And—Delicious.

Pastry Sweetness Scale: 1 of 7

Pre-order and Pickup
➔ Saturdays Noon to 4pm
➔ At 45th Parallel Wines (8527 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203), in downtown St. Johns.

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Horchata, the classic agua fresca (“freshwater”) drink made from long-grain white rice, brown sugar, Ceylon cinnamon, and vanilla. We take the French pâte à choux pastry dough, bake it with brown sugar and cinnamon craquelin and fill it with a house-made horchata cream. The result: Horchata Cream Puff. Made fresh early—like way too early—Saturday morning. Get it. It’s good. Honestly. Close-your-eyes-for-the-second-bite good.